The Story Studio was designed to encourage people to share their stories for the purpose of healing, and connecting.  We believe that not only when we share our own story, but also take time to listen to others, that empathy can grow which leads to deeper understanding and respect.  

“What did I gained by sharing my story?  The ability to see beyond it.  To notice that I’m not the only one who experiences disappointment and loss.  I feel deeper compassion for those sustaining great losses.  My respect for human resiliency has grown, as has my commitment to help people who must start over completely after devastating loss: rebuilding lives, homes, and hope.”

Rachael Freed


How can I share my story? 

Verbal – Speaking, interviews, spoken word, etc.  

  • Ideal for 1-2 people.  Max 4 people.  

  • Can record:

    • On camera (video)

    • Audio only

    • Over the phone

Music – Original lyrics or cover

  • Space is ideal for only 1-2 people at a time, however multitrack recording is available

  • Acoustic Guitar with DI Box available

*Note: You must bring in or have online access to whatever track you will be adding lyrics to

What should I share about? 

  • Personal testimony

  • Goals and dreams

  • Family/cultural history

  • Meaningful or memorable experiences

  • Painful experiences or trials that you have faced

  • Someone that inspires you

  • Remembering a family member or loved one

  • Things you have learned

What happens with my story? 

It’s up to the storyteller.  Options include:

  • Your story is shared publicly on the Story Studio YouTube channel

  • You keep a copy of your story via USB drive.  You have full control over who has access to it

  • Your story is shared on the private library and can only be accessed by people in the Story Studio

  • Your story is not shared


Phone: (204) 582-8779

“We learned that no one of us is ever far away from others, that we all carry the same baggage in life, that when we allow ourselves to hear each other, we are joined forever.  Everyone has a story.  We become better people, a better species, when we take the time to hear them.  That’s how you change the world, really.  One story, one voice at a time.” 

Richard Wagamese in One Native Life