The Bridge Drop-In


The Bridge Drop-in is a recreational centre for programs and physical activities, a place for kids to hang out, feel safe and accepted. It is ICYA’s first point of contact where we seek to provide a relational bridge between kids and Christian role models and mentors. The Bridge has anywhere from 20 – 50 kids per night taking advantage of the safe and accepting environment. A climbing wall, basketball and volleyball court, hockey, lounge area, canteen, craft room, and so much more to keep kids active and entertained. The drop-in meets the needs of children and youth at various levels.

Are your kids or youth interested in dropping in? Contact us at: 204-582-8779 or

Bridge By The Numbers

Open for ages 5 - 19

Open 4 nights each week

245 Different Programs Run

716+ Different Kids, Youth, and Young Adults visits

6,345 Total Visits Each Year

Open for 61 hours of programs each week