Building leaders from the North End for the North End!

In 2017, ICYA is launched the new Indigenous Leadership Initiative. The Christian Family Center and an anonymous donor has caught the vision we have for leaders by seeding $150,000 towards hiring young leaders from our community. Our supporters have told us that this just makes sense! Last year 25% of our volunteer hours were done by youth from the neighbourhood so these leaders are committed to transforming their community. ICYA has determined that we need to commit ourselves to hiring more Indigenous youth to be a vital part of our ministry and the Indigenous Leadership Initiative will make that possible. We are very excited about this bold new direction.

Our local leaders work to raise funds for their positions, but most have no connection outside of their community on which to call for support. We are seeking donors to walk alongside these local leaders. Please prayerfully consider encouraging and helping our local leaders through your prayers and finances.

As a donor you will team up with Indigenous leaders and you’ll also receive regular updates from our team of leaders you support.

Your single or monthly donation can impact over 7 different ICYA staff throughout the year! Even more during our summer programming!