Our mission:

To bring hope and a future through Christ to youth and their families in the inner city.


Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA) is located in the North End of Winnipeg, which is one of the poorest and underserved area in Winnipeg and Canada. ICYA provides a safe, active and nurturing environment for children and youth, many of whom experience poverty, abuse and neglect.

ICYA engages local kids by offering quality programs through which relationships grow. These supportive relationships play a vital role in the lives of hundreds who are at risk, providing hope, inspiration, mentorship and a strong sense of the Heavenly Father’s desire to be in relationship with us. These essential programs empower children and youth to grow and develop into confident individuals who are better equipped to deal with the harsh realities that they face daily.

Inner City Youth Alive was founded in 1986 with the vision of Mark Friesen and Kent Dueck. Their vision was to make a difference in the lives of our inner city youth by sharing the love of Christ with them. They committed themselves to the youth and gave their time as volunteers through wilderness camping trips and by teaching them woodworking skills.

ICYA had a humble beginning but God faithfully provided so that it has grown to become what it is today. With dozens of volunteers, a large support constituency, great programs and a strong staff team, ICYA continues to make a difference in the lives of youth. The original vision still burns, and genuine caring continues to drive the ministry as they grow into the years ahead.

Kent Dueck   Executive Director, Mentor

Kent Dueck, Executive Director


We’re LOCAL working right in the heart of the North End (418 Aberdeen)

We’re RELATIONAL by walking alongside each person through all struggles and successes

We’re TRANSFORMATIONAL by empowering local leaders

Who Donates?

Where Your Donation Goes:

Registered Charity #: 132799495

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  • Each year we reach 1,200+ local kids, youth, and young adults through our programs

  • Our staff engage in over 1,800+ one-on-one mentoring sessions

  • 425+ different volunteers work with us each year

  • ~25% of all volunteer hours are committed by local leaders