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As a supporter you are a partner and an essential piece of our ministry to Winnipeg’s inner city. Every week our staff meets to pray for our community. Once a month we want reach out to you with various prayer requests from around the North End community and at ICYA.

We want to pray for you as well, for whatever praise or prayer request you have in your life. Fill out the form below to send us your requests and join the prayer team.

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Current Prayer Requests:

» Pray for the many families affected by the house fires during Winnipeg’s cold weather. Pray for safe temporary housing and new long-term home opportunities.

» Please pray for the safety of our kids and youth. Pray for protection for those that get tied up in spring gang activity, and pray for wisdom for our stay and volunteers as we walk side-by-side in these issues.

» Pray for Nick, a young man from our community (name changed for privacy). His Mom passed away unexpectedly in January. He lived with his mom and relied on her for much of his needs in life. Nick continues to struggle with an addiction to Crystal Meth and he has FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). Since his mom died he has been living in a drug house where many people take advantage of his vulnerabilities (he easily trusts people and has a hard time thinking about choices and consequences – part of the FASD dynamic). He needs help for his addiction which he carries a lot of shame and embarrassment about. Please pray for freedom for Nick to admit his addiction and be willing to receive help. Pray that he knows God cares and loves him in the midst of the brokenness of his life. Pray for ICYA staff for wisdom on how best to support Nick.

» Pray for renewal in our community, that in this new season we will continue to see Christ’s “Hope in the Core.”

» Please pray for those affected by the meth epidemic. The effects of this drug are evident across Winnipeg. Pray for healing and restoration of those suffering from its effects.

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