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You care about the underprivileged kids that Inner City Youth Alive works with in the North End of Winnipeg, many facing the struggles of poverty, abuse, gang pressures, violence and addictions. You want to help, but do not know how, or where to start. Well, try hosting an event to raise funds and create awareness for ICYA.

Hosting an event is fun to do and easy! An event can be big or small, simple or extravagant. It is all up to you! Each event is important because it shows your generous support to our inner city kids and connects others to our organization through donations and involvement.

Individuals, businesses, schools, associations, churches, and clubs can creatively raise money by putting on a fundraising event, known as a third party event. These events are first approved by ICYA, but are independently planned, executed, and financially resourced by you in support of ICYA.

Doing a third party event for ICYA is such a great opportunity to support a cause you believe in by raising funds, as well as educating others. We thank you for your interest and for supporting ICYA.

Questions? Message us through the form below, or call us at (204) 582-8779.

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