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Your contribution to Inner City Youth Alive helps more than 1,200 vulnerable children, youth, and their families annually.

Give the gift of hope through a donation to ICYA. You can help support our General Fund, Program Designated and Staff Support. 

Your gift helps us provide

  • programs that give kids an alternative to being on the streets or joining gangs

  • opportunity to learn life and job skills in order to break the cycle of poverty

  • a safe and nurturing environment

  • mentors for youth seeking an adult presence in their life

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You can partner with us through donations of securities and mutual funds.

You can give to ICYA through either of these two great organizations:


Scroll down to see staff and program-designated donation opportunities:

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Bridge Drop-In

The Bridge Drop-in is a recreational centre for programs and physical activities, a place for kids to hang out, feel safe and accepted.  The Bridge has anywhere from 20 – 50 kids per night taking advantage of the safe and accepting environment.  More information →



Gem Lake Wilderness Camp

Camp is a place where kids go to be fed, to be safe and to be loved. Gem Lake Wilderness Camp is set 250 km north of Winnipeg in the beautiful Nopiming Provincial Park. This remote camp is an escape for children and youth, in both winter and summer, from the pressures and conflicts of the city. Camp builds character, self-esteem, leaders and community. Taking kids at risk off the street for a week and sponsoring them at camp can change their lives forever. Learn more about Gem Lake Wilderness Camp by watching the video below. More information →



Community Ministry

Community Ministry is designed to intentionally reach out to the families in our community by having a community minister(s) available for support and care, to walk alongside our young adults, foster relationships within our community, and encourage partnerships with area churches. More information →

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Story Studio

The Story Studio was designed to encourage people to share their stories for the purpose of healing, and connecting.  We believe that not only when we share our own story, but also take time to listen to others, that empathy can grow which leads to deeper understanding and respect.   More information →

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Meals 4 Kids

Many of the children we work with live in poverty, abuse and neglect. As a result they eat improperly or go hungry. Meals for Kids provides nutritious meals and snacks in a safe and nurturing environment. Learn more about Meals for Kids by watching the video below.

Each meal costs ~$2.00 and we serve over 1,500 meals each month.  

More information →



Indigenous Leadership Initiative & Local Leaders

Our local leaders work to raise funds for their positions, but most have no connection outside of their community on which to call for support. We are seeking donors to walk alongside these local leaders.

As a donor you will team up with Indigenous leaders and you’ll also receive regular updates from our team of leaders you support.

Your single or monthly donation can impact over 10 different ICYA staff throughout the year! Even more during our summer programming!   More information →


Support A Staff Member

Our staff team are supported by individuals, businesses, and churches. They need prayer and financial support to continue their mission to bring hope to the core. To support an individual staff member, find their name under the ‘Fund’ category on the donation form, or call (204) 582-8779.

100% of your staff support goes directly to the staff member’s salary (no admin. costs).


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If you have any questions, call us at (204) 582-8779 or e-mail us (