2017 Annual Report

Each year we send our donors the annual report to give a quick glimpse of the impact of their generous donations and support.

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Message From the Executive Director:

2017 was a challenging year for our community. We saw 6 violent deaths within a block of our building. This was very hard for the good people on our block. It was encouraging to see a community group rise up to organize around this and stand up to the violence. Because of this, there is an improved sense of safety on the street. I also had the chance to work with a group of community advocates to call for a Provincial task force to address the issue of absenteeism in North End Schools. This task force has been working hard to help improve attendance in our schools.

Finally, we raised a record amount of funds at our annual Calling to Connect Gala for our programs at ICYA. Our staff continue to focus on reaching youth in deeper ways by building strong relationships in the community. Healthy relationships and a sense of belonging are so critical to our work. We always strive to live out our faith by living as Christ did in making people on the margins realize their value and potential. We are inspired to see the deep relevance of the message of Jesus in our community. We see His message reaching youth where they are at in their culture and their community.

A highlight of 2017 was the Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan – Journeying in a Good Way conference. This conference was initiated by ICYA to help other ministries in the community and across the country to better articulate the good news of Jesus in a culturally sensitive way. We saw 232 different representatives from 70 ministries come together for two days sitting under the teachings of Indigenous Christian leaders who inspired us all to stay strong in our work and to walk in a good way in our community . Thanks to all of our great supporters who partnered with us on this journey. Meegwetch and God Bless!

  • Kent Dueck, Executive Director



The Bridge Drop-in:

The Bridge is a recreational centre for programs and physical activities, a place for kids to hang out, feel safe, and accepted.

  • 245 Programs Run (including drop-ins and camps)

  • 716+ different kids, youth, and young adults

  • 6,345+ total visits

  • Open 62 hours each week

Other Bridge activities:





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Volunteer Statistics:

Our volunteers build lasting positive relationships with local inner city kids and youth.

  • 424+ different volunteers

  • 1,478+ volunteer visits

  • 7,745+ volunteer hours

  • 70 local youth volunteers

  • 1,214+ volunteer hours by local youth



Gem Lake Wilderness Camp:

An outdoor camp experience set a world away from the pressures of the inner city in Nopiming Provincial Park.

  • 104 Gem Lake Campers

  • 8 different groups of campers

  • +3,280KM of driving to and from camp

  • 54 Bible studies with campers



Indigenous Leadership Initiative:

A new initiative to support Indigenous leaders from the North End serving the North End.

  • 4 Indigenous staff hired and supported directly by the initiative in 2017.

  • 20 Indigenous staff employed at ICYA (Bridge and Camp staff, Maintenance)

  • The Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI) was born from the vision of two ministry partners who seek to build local, Indigenous leaders to love and serve the North End of Winnipeg. This initiative fits perfectly with ICYA’s mission to develop young leaders. Through the ILI and other funds, ICYA employed 20 Indigenous staff in 2017.



Community Connections:

The Community Ministry, Bridge Team, and Camp Team all regularly connect with kids and youth to build healthy relationships where lasting growth can flourish. These numbers include many lunches with youth, pick-up basketball games, or just hanging out at our facility.

1,821 total one-on-ones

Other Activities Include:

  • The Aberdeen Alliance: a community group to respond to the 6 violent murders on our block

  • Community Christmas Party: 340+ neighbours enjoying a free warm meal, games, sleigh rides, and hamper draws

  • Community Block Party: 1,100+ North End residents celebrating the community with snacks, games, and live music

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“ICYA has made me realize how much the staff have helped the children and youth in the neighbourhood. How they have changed the lives of youth and put them on a better path than they ever could’ve imagined. And all through the good/bad times in a youth’s life, ICYA has been there through it all, and has given them the only thing others cannot give and that’s hope.”

  • Amy Sinclair, former ICYA youth current staff member



Message from the Board

In 2017, we saw a growing unity and vision for the work emerge in the board and staff team, for which we are grateful. We honor the fact that the good work of ICYA could not be done without the countless hours of volunteers and staff building relationships with those around us. In addition, we are very thankful for the many people who have partnered with us to sustain and ensure the resources for our organization. This good work is all possible thanks to the many businesses, foundations, individuals, and churches that stepped up to support ICYA financially and in prayer. We look forward to the various ways that lives will continue to be changed as we partner together. On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to thank you for the part that you play in the mission

  • Ron Pluchinski, Board Chair


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