2018 Annual Report

Each year we send our ministry partners the annual report to give a quick glimpse of the impact of their generous donations, volunteerism, and prayer support.

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Message From the Executive Director:

2018 was a year marked by movement. We saw positive movement in the lives of so many youth. We are always pressing to improve. We saw an improvement in the quality of our local leaders. Local youth have so many gifts to give and seeing them shine in their roles as either volunteers or staff was inspirational. We were happy to see Karen Jolly move into the role of Director of Programming and to see her gifts come to bear on the programs we run.

We saw the “Journeying in a Good Way” conference again impact 274 people from 104 different organizations across Canada and even the USA when we met to learn under Indigenous elders how to integrate culture and faith.

While we reported six murders within a block of our building in 2017, we saw amazing positive movement with no murders around our building in 2018. Neighbours report that the block is a safe place again and that kids are now playing in the front street instead of worrying about the next drive-by shooting. That’s what happens when we all come together to improve things on the block.

Our staff and volunteers inspire me every single day. Their commitment to our community and their love for the youth is unparalleled. They walk in stubborn solidarity with youth no matter how dark it gets. They bring light into some very dark corners. It may be through the beauty of Gem Lake in the tranquility of the Creator’s back country or by walking the dark road alongside an addict whom everyone has abandoned. Our staff bring hope to youth in our community every single day.

Our Board under the leadership of Ron Pluchinski has offered up godly leadership to help navigate and stimulate vision for the road ahead.

We are so thankful to our many partners who generously give so that our staff can do the work they do.

  • Kent Dueck, Executive Director


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Our Mission:

Is to bring hope and a future through Christ to youth and their families in the inner city

We’re Local:

Working right in the heart of the North End (418 Aberdeen)

We’re Relational:

We’re relationally-focused by mentoring and serving our community members through the Bridge, Gem Lake Camp, and Community Ministry.

We’re Transformational:

By empowering local leaders and walking alongside each person through all struggles and successes


Community Connections:

We graciously walk alongside our North End neighbours in all their struggles and successes. Our staff regular connect one-on-one to listen and mentor people in our community. These connections could include a lunch, a walk in the park, an afternoon fishing at Gem Lake, or a meeting at ICYA.

2,499+ total one-on-ones

Other Activities Include:

  • The Aberdeen Alliance: a community group seeking to watch over and care for our block.

  • Community Christmas Party: 440+ neighbours enjoying a free warm meal, games, sleigh rides, and hamper draws

  • Community Block Party: 1,100+ North End residents celebrating the community with snacks, games, and live music

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Volunteer Statistics:

Our volunteers build lasting positive relationships with local inner city kids and youth.

  • 449+ different volunteers

  • 1,358+ volunteer visits

  • 8,035+ volunteer hours

  • 47 local youth volunteers

  • 874+ volunteer hours by local youth



Gem Lake Wilderness Camp:

An outdoor camp experience set a world away from the pressures of the inner city in Nopiming Provincial Park.

  • Summer Camp: 104 Campers, 8 Camps

  • Winter Camp: 60 Campers, 5 Camps

  • +8,988KM of driving to and from camp



Indigenous Leadership Initiative:

A new initiative to support Indigenous leaders from the North End serving the North End.

  • 10 local part-time and seasonal staff supported through this initiative in 2018

  • 3 full-time Indigenous staff supported in 2018

  • 1 local leader serving on YWAM Island Breeze

  • The Indigenous Leadership Initiative (ILI) was born from the vision of two ministry partners who seek to build local, Indigenous leaders to love and serve the North End of Winnipeg. This initiative fits perfectly with ICYA’s mission to develop young leaders. Through the ILI and other funds, ICYA employed 20 Indigenous staff in 2017.



The Bridge Drop-in:

The Bridge is a recreational centre for programs and physical activities, a place for kids to hang out, feel safe, and accepted.

  • 183 Programs Run (including drop-ins and camps)

  • 622+ different kids, youth, and young adults

  • 5,255+ total visits

  • Open 57 hours each week

Other Bridge activities:




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Story Studio:

The Story Studio opened in June 2018 and is designed to encourage people to share their stories for the purpose of healing, and connecting. 

  • 80 unique visits

  • 105 recorded visits

  • 1,848+ total views

  • 150 total visits

  • 40 total videos shared (20 public, 20 private)

Methods shared: Original songs, cover songs, spoken word, personal reflections, personal testimony, vlogs, personal messages, radio interviews



“We graciously walk alongside our North End neighbours in all their struggles and successes. Our staff regular connect one-on-one to listen and mentor people in our community. These connections could include a lunch, a walk in the park, an afternoon fishing at Gem Lake, or a meeting at ICYA.”

  • ICYA Staff Member, Local Leader


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Meals 4 Kids:

In partnership with St. Aidan’s Christian School the students receive a healthy breakfast and lunch. During each Bridge Drop-in a supper and snack is served. This program is more than a hand-out by empowering kids to learn healthy eating habits and nutrition.

1,500+ meals served per month to local kids and youth



Message from the Board

This past year has been an exciting one for ICYA. There has been expansion to many of the programs being offered, as well as some key initiatives like the Story Studio which is providing community members the ability to share their stories. We recognize that milestones like this are not reached without the countless hours of volunteers and staff building relationships with the people and the community around them.

As well, we are very thankful for the many people and organizations that have partnered with us over the years to sustain and ensure the resources for this organization. We look forward to the various ways that lives will continue to be changed as we partner together. Thank you all for the part that you play in this.

  • Ron Pluchinski, Board Chair



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