Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan – Journeying in a Good Way

Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan is Plains Cree for “let us gather together.”  In April 2018 we gathered in Winnipeg for a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.  Indigenous Jesus followers and people ministering in an Indigenous context from over 80 Christian agencies and churches from across Canada gathered in Winnipeg for this two day event.

What does the gospel of Jesus look and sound like in an Indigenous context? How can a person be fully Indigenous and fully Christian? What does Indigenous leadership look like? Given the harmful legacy of colonialism how can we engage in ministry among Indigenous people in ways that are healing and liberating?

This gathering was an opportunity to spend two days with Indigenous leaders who have journeyed with these and other questions. Let’s learn how to journey together in a good way!

Purchase Conference Audio:

You can purchase individual sessions for $5 per session, or you can purchase the Conference Package for $30 and receive all available sessions!

To purchase audio from the 2018 Ma’wa’chi’hi’to’tan – Journeying in a Good Way conference, please call Inner City Youth Alive at (204) 582-8779.  We will process your payment, and send you a download link.

Available Sessions:

Plenary Sessions:

  • Plenary #1 – Casey Church – Contextualization: A Christian Indigenous Practitioner’s View
  • Plenary #2 – Casey Church – All Tribes Gathering: How We Started a Contextual Ministry 22 Years Ago
  • Plenary #3 – Terry LeBlanc – In the Beginning God…
  • Plenary #5 – Terry LeBlanc – Culture and Conscience: A New Testament Perspective
  • Panel Discussion (With Casey Church, Howard Jolly, Shari Russel, and Terry LeBlanc)


  • Workshop C – Arlene Mason – Addiction, Trauma, and Recovery in Community
  • Workshop D – Kent Dueck & Kyle Mason – Decolonizing Your Ministry
  • Workshop E – Casey Church – The How To of Contextualizing Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Workshop F – Terry LeBlanc – Community as a Context for Healing: Asset-based Ministry

Also included in Conference Package:

  • Ministry Vignette by James Thunder
  • Ministry Vignette by Jenn Mason
  • PowerPoint slides for Shari Russel’s sessions: “Stepping into the Circle: Indigenous Leadership Principles” and “Peace Together: Reconciling our Identity as Indigenous Followers of Jesus”
    *Note: Audio for Shari’s sessions will not be available