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Introducing the Story Studio

What is the Story Studio?

The Story Studio is a safe space in which the storyteller can express their story in whatever way best suits them.  It can be by verbally sharing, through music, art, creative writing, and more.

The Story Studio was designed to be used in a number of different ways.  Everyone expresses themselves in different ways and we want to honour that, and be able to capture their story well.  The Story Studio features:

  • High quality camera and microphones for those that would like to verbally share their story. It can be recorded on video, or audio only.
  • Studio equipment able to record original music. We can turn this space in to a basic recording booth so you can add your lyrics to any track that you bring in!  We can also record live instruments if you want to bring along your acoustic guitar.
  • Art supplies for those that express themselves through art. You can also use the equipment to sit and write.
  • TV and speakers for those that want to use the Story Studio to listen to music, or to listen to stories that have been saved in the local archive.

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Why Stories?

Is there anything more powerful than a story?  What else can encompass and teach of love, pain, struggle, hope, and so much more.  In the words of best-selling author Brené Brown, “stories are data with soul”.  Stories allow the storyteller to process and gain clarity on an event, lift the weight of holding on to painful emotions, share joy and wisdom, and better relate to their listeners.  Listening to stories helps us relate to our own struggles and emotions and gain wisdom on personal situations both past and present.

Our hope is that through stories we will help to create a deeper sense of understanding, love, and respect; both within individuals, our community, and beyond.

What did I gained by sharing my story?  The ability to see beyond it.  To notice that I’m not the only one who experiences disappointment and loss.  I feel deeper compassion for those sustaining great losses.  My respect for human resiliency has grown, as has my commitment to help people who must start over completely after devastating loss: rebuilding lives, homes, and hope.” – Rachael Freed, MSW, LMFT & Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Who is it for?

The Story Studio is for anyone that has a story that they want to share.  (So, everyone)

It’s a safe space for people young and old to share their stories of love, pain, overcoming, struggle, and hope.  It can be your life story, or something that happened to you last week.  It can be a childhood memory, or remembering a loved one that passed.  Your story doesn’t have to polished and rehearsed either.  In fact, this is a space where you can come and share even if it’s your first time speaking it out loud!

What will happen with the stories?

That all depends on the storyteller.  It can be as public or as private as they want.  For those that are open to having their story made public, we will post their story to the Story Studio YouTube page.  Other stories won’t be available to the public, but will be saved on our local archive; a collection of stories that are available only to those that are using the Story Studio to listen to stories.  This archive will be private and limited only to use in the Story Studio.

For those that would like a copy of their story so that they can share with their friends and family, we will load their story on a USB drive that they can take home with them and use however they would like.  It is theirs to keep.

For those that want to stay anonymous, that’s ok too!  All stories are precious and we will respect the wishes of everyone that uses the Story Studio.

Where is it?

The Story Studio is at Inner City Youth Alive, 418 Aberdeen Ave.  Right in the heart of the North End!

When will it launch?

The Story Studio will have a soft launch on May 14, with the official launch date being June 4, 2018.

“We learned that no one of us is ever far away from others, that we all carry the same baggage in life, that when we allow ourselves to hear each other, we are joined forever.  Everyone has a story.  We become better people, a better species, when we take the time to hear them.  That’s how you change the world, really.  One story, one voice at a time.”  Richard Wagamese in One Native Life