Spirit of the season, help those less fortunate

Posted with permission from the Winnipeg Sun (By LAURIE MUSTARD)

For those of you who’d like to help some deserving kids and families have a better Christmas, opportunity knocks. Please peruse this request from Laurie Kozak, a wonderful lady who works as the director of development for Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA).

“Our dilemma is how do we ask for help with the huge amount of food and presents needed, to make sure every child gets a gift and every person is fed, with our economy hurting the way it is? We have concluded it is for a time such as this that Inner City Youth Alive exists.”

“We celebrate Christmas every year at ICYA by throwing a party for our North End community, where many of the families come from challenging social and economic conditions. This party has grown yearly, having between 400-500 people in attendance, with over half being children. We expect it may be even larger this year due to the economic hardship affecting everyone.”

“Laurie, your readers have been generous in the past and we would like to appeal to them again for their help. We require the following to make the night successful and to put a smile on every child’s face.”

“Food: pails of chili, Christmas cookies, cheese, veggie platters, large bags of regular chips. Gifts: $10 gifts for boys or girls, from newborn to 18 (unwrapped, please). Supplies: wrapping paper, tags, wrapped candies, mugs (new), non-perishable food, diapers and cleaning supplies (new).”

“We also need numerous volunteers for a variety of positions. To donate or volunteer, please contact Keith Anderson at 582-8779. The deadline is Dec. 12. To all who are able to help us, thank you in advance for your spirit of giving and for keeping hope alive in the inner city.”

These are good people, folks, a faith-based organization which raises its own funds and does terrific work in the inner city. Please help them any way you can.