$2 house gets new lease on life

Written by Dave Baxter, courtesy of Metro Winnipeg

Youth from an inner city youth program have completely renovated a derelict house in Winnipeg’s North End that had been boarded up for over 10 years.

The house at 286 Powers St, was bought by Inner City Youth Alive from the city for $2 in 2011, and used as a construction program for unemployed youth ages 19-30. The project was used to help youth get work experience and also help revitalize the area.

“It just feels good to see our hard work pay off and to see how many people have come by today to see the house,” said Jeremy Soldat, 20, who worked on the project with a crew of about 13 guys.

Kent Dueck, executive director of Inner City Youth Alive, said the house was an eyesore before the organization got their hands on it.

“It was just gross”, said Dueck. “Birds were getting in through the top windows. Pigeons were in here. There was a fire in the kitchen and smoke damage throughout the building and you could see the remnants of squatters.”

“It has been completely transformed.”