Inner City Youth Alive’s 2012 Ad Campaign

Why did we do it?

Over the month of December we ran a lean advertising campaign with the goal of attracting new financial donors to support our programs. This campaign came about as a result of research we completed with our current donor base; who told us that our primary obstacle to attracting more donors and financial support is lack of awareness. This ad series was the first flight of a more formal and consistent communications approach that we will employ to raise awareness about ICYA.

A few people have questioned our use of such emotional and dark messaging in the ads. The ad series does indeed offer some sad and desperate messages because this reflects the ugliness and sadness of the stories we hear every day at ICYA when we talk to the kids who live in the area. With so many Winnipeggers not having a sense of the severity of the situation in the north end, we felt it important and valuable to share some of this reality.

Please note that in the campaign we did NOT use actual images of kids that we know and love at ICYA, they are purchased stock photography. In terms of the stories in the ads, they are a direct reflection of the type of stories we hear at ICYA, but none of them can be tied to a specific person. To be honest, we wish that investing in campaigns like this was not necessary but it is. We raise all of our financial budget every year so please continue to support us.

View the ads below: